New American Cursive StartWrite Software


StartWrite Software-Windows ONLY


The Startwrite/NAC software is designed to create supplemental, customized worksheets that can introduce cursive practice into any desired subject. This easy-to-use interface allows users to create lessons that are specifically tailored to any student’s needs, interest, or skill level. It is only available for Windows. 

Some Features:

    • Expand Font Sizes anywhere from 1/4" to 2".
    • Choose Shading of Fonts from Dark to Light for all levels of learners.
    • Choose From Four Guide Line Options: Top, Middle, Bottom and Descender.  
    • Type dotted, dashed, or solid letters.
    • Starting Dot to help in your child's learning of letters.
    • Stroke Arrows for proper letter formation.
    • Clip Art Included or import your own JPG or BMP clip art to make pages fun.
    • Print Worksheets on Plain Paper from your own printer--no hassle and no expensive special paper needed.
    • Print in Landscape or Portrait for your convenience and creativity.
    • Utilize 100,000-Word Spell Checker for accurate worksheet preparation.
    • Save Lessons for future use to create your own curriculum in minutes, and save time and effort when repeating lessons.
    • Create a Variety of Pages phonics pages, spelling pages, a letter to a friend, scrapbook pages, etc. for more practice and fun while learning handwriting


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