NAC - Cursive Workbook 1



New American Cursive Workbook 1

(Grades 1-4)   $22.95

Before the early 1920s, virtually all children were taught cursive in the first grade.  (Remember your grandmother’s nice handwriting?) Research shows that, when students do not begin learning cursive until the third graders begin writing cursive, they slow down to a first grader’s speed.  By learning cursive earlier, students can focus more on other subjects as they advance to the upper grades.

  •  NAC® Workbook 1 includes: 105 instructional lessons that only require 15 minutes a day!
  • Lessons on how to form each letter with starting dots and directional arrows
  • Fun artwork exercises to help build fine motor skills
  • Binding is at the top for ease of use by right or left handers
  • Lessons on the Three P’s of Penmanship: Posture, Pencil and Paper Position
  • Multi-sensory teaching methods
  • Teaching Guide
  • Reproducible practice pages
  • The NAC mascot, Mr. Meerkat, makes learning cursive fun!