New American Cursive :: Download Templates


Thanks for your interest in our free cursive writing template sheets.  Please feel free to download these and use them as needed in your classrooms.

Worksheet Year One Cursive

This worksheet is created with the Startwrite/NAC® CD for beginning cursive writers to supplement NAC Workbook 1.  It can be used for extra practice to write letters, words and short sentences.  The extra guidelines help the student with size and spacing on both capital and lower case letters. Make sure students use the correct pencil grip and paper position.

Download Year One Sheet

Worksheet Year Two Cursive 

This worksheet can be used for student practice to supplement NAC Workbook 2. The extra guideline can help the student write with a more consistent midzone size. Check letter connections for accuracy to form the letters correctly.  Remind students of proper pencil and paper position.

Download Year Two Sheet

Worksheet Year Three and Above

This worksheet can help students who have had cursive training but need extra practice to enhance legibility, fluidity and speed. For a reminder, the correct letter forms are at the top. Emphasize legibility in all practice.  Use the free Handwriting Evaluation Checklist to focus the practice on the most important areas. 

Download Year Three Sheet